Happy New Year 2017

Since it was a New Year, I decorated the picture in my room.
At the end of last year, this picture was presented from a high school student in the art department in Yangon  when I had a speech for them about making a work by silver gelatin monochrome print.
It is a pencil drawing. I am not good at drawing, so I think that the person who can draw pictures is amazing.


Renewal of My Site

The site was renewed.
I integrated Japanese and English and made it easy to see on smartphones and tablets.



There is a word that has beenforgotten all too soon.
A gentleman whom I admire isreminded me of the word.
I think I must be strong awareness ofthe word.

Portfolio Review

I attended at Portfolio Review in TOSEI. I got some keywords.
“Research”   “Emotional layer”   “Don’t think feel”

Concept is approach to way of subject and needs goal.
Theme is what I want to express thing .


After the squall

The fishermen told me that the rainy season had never really ended clearly this year. On this day, too, there was a heavy squall in the afternoon.
Once the rain passed, we went out in a boat and saw the huge rainbow over the eastern mountains. Rainbows I have seen before disappear almost immediately, but this one stayed very clear for around an hour. During this season, local people tell me that it is not unusual to see rainbows, but even they stopped their boats to look at this rainbow.


February 5, 2012