Photo Exhibition "Peoples of Myanmar" at Gallery PlaceM Shinjuku, Tokyo was Finished.

Photo Exhibition "Myanmar" at Gallery Tosei Nakano, Tokyo was Finished.

写真集「Thanaka」,「Myanmar 2005−2017」購入ページを更新しました
The purchase page of the photo book "Thanaka", "Myanmar 2005-20172 has been modified.

Photo Exhibition in 'Myanmar Festival 2019' at Zojyo-ji has finished. Thank you for coming Exhibition.
こちらで紹介していただいています。here, Introduce

写真集「Myanmar 2005−2017」購入ページを作成しました
The purchase page of the photo book "Myanmar 2005-20172 has been released.


亀山 仁

1966年 12月東京都生まれ。
一般社団法人 ミャンマー祭り 理事、推進委員

2004年 写真家渡部さとるWorkshop参加
2009年 LabTakeモノクロプリントワークショップ参加
2013年 写真集「Thanaka」出版(冬青社)
2018年 写真集「Myanmar 2005-2017」出版(冬青社)



Hitoshi Kameyama

1966 I was born in Tokyo in December.
A member of Myanmar Festival, Japan
A member of the Photographic Society of Japan

2004 I participated in Satoru Watanabe's Workshop.
2009 I partecipated in a LabTake workshop on B&W printing.
2013 Photobook ”Thanaka" published by Tosei-sya.
2018 Photobook ”Myanmar 2005-2017" published by Tosei-sya.

Recent years I am mainly making my photo project about Myanmar, Southeast Asia
Since 2013, Myanmar is entering a turbulent era in which new civilizations and old cultures collide. I have taken pictures of the people of Myanmar and their life since 2005, under the military regime.
Their impressive strong eyes are what was once also in Japan, I guess. I keep taking pictures while Myanmar wishes to develop with the happiness of people.

Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia, bordering China, India, Thailand, etc, with a population of about 50 million people and a land area of ​​about 680,000 square kilometers.
Until recently the military government had been drawn, but in 2015 the general election of the Democratic People's Union led by Daw Aung Sung Suu Kyi won in the general election. With the attention of the international community, a democratic government was established. And Europe, the United States, China, Japan started economic aid and direct investment one after another.

As a result, Myanmar has been making a drastic change. This situation has made a big change in economics, politics, and people's lives as well. Construction rush in urban areas and intensified traffic congestion, roads are being developed in rural areas, forests are opened up, changes are coming to people's lives, but there are also concerns about the future such as ethnic minority issues and the vulnerability of the current government base .

I am attracted to Myanmar because I feel the attraction of the people who live there, despite the intense domestic political and economic change.
I wish to keep watching over whether that their eyes will change whether it does not change due to diversification accompanying economic development.

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