Quiet of the Twilight

On the day I arrived at Lake Inle, I sat on a bench outside the hotel and watched the sunset. As the sun went down between the mountains, it lit up the sky and clouds and made beautiful colors. The reason I visited Myanmar was that the owner of this hotel – Miss Ann – is an acquaintance of mine. Miss Ann is a person of influence in an ethnic minority, the Intha Tribe, and works on behalf of the biggest temple in Lake Inle area, the Phaung Daw U Pagoda. She also manages this hotel and its restaurant. Additionally, she is involved in activities to build schools, orphanages and hospitals using the earnings from the business. I have been inspired by her energy and idea, and hope that I can help her activities, if it is within my power.


Boat race

On the final day, when the Buddhas are returned to Phaung-daw-oo, the festival reaches its climax with a traditional Inle boat race in front of the Pagoda.

It was too hard to take a photograph. This photo was taken without viewfinder.
There were a lot of audience around me. I was boxed in.


November 23, 2010